Keeping Staff Engaged throughout the Summer

Summer is upon us and after a cold winter, we look forward to long weekends and spending time in the sun and nature. It is a time for vacations and a break from the routine, a time to rest and re-energize.
However many business operations continue as usual, so at this time of year I am often asked how to keep staff engaged throughout the summer months. The key is to welcome summer into the workplace! This not only helps staff remain committed but is also good for wellness and overall retention.

Here are some ideas:

  1. Encourage staff to “unplug” from work while on their vacation. We want staff to return to work refreshed and re-energized so remind them that it is not necessary to check email, phone, etc. We want staff to make the most of their rest periods.
  2. Remind staff of the expectations regarding attendance and offer flexibility where possible. Are staff able to rotate a compressed work week? Are you able to revise work schedules? This is a reward and recognition strategy that goes a long way.
  3. Plan for staff training and development in the form of workshops, coaching, career development planning, and/or job shadowing. Staff will look forward to going into work knowing that their career development needs are being taken care of.
  4. For projects to be completed during the summer months, reward staff for staying on target with the project plan. Set-up a bulletin board to track the progress visually and determine the rewards in advance.
  5. Implement a Summer Wellness Program. This could include a lunchtime walking club, yoga outside, and a summer salad potluck on Fridays.
  6. Hold meetings outside where possible.
  7. Organize a staff picnic or BBQ to celebrate staff achievements.
  8. Surprise your staff with ice cream on a hot summer day!
  9. If the summer months are slower, organize teams to volunteer in the community. This can be done on a rotational basis, by department, at a charity of their choice.

I’d love to hear what you do to keep your staff engaged during the summer! Please send me an email.

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