What I have learned from my TRX class (and how it applies to the workplace)


I decided to try a TRX Team Training class for the first time last winter and have been hooked ever since. This workout is definitely my new fitness addiction! After just a few classes, I began to feel stronger and see results in my core and upper body.

If you are not familiar with TRX, it stands for Total Body Resistance Exercise. This type of workout uses a suspension system that leverages gravity and your own body weight, as shown in the photo above.

A few of the reasons I have stuck to TRX are as follows:

  1. The CHALLENGE: It’s definitely a tough workout but also easy to learn.
  2. The RESULTS: I began to see results within a few classes. There is nothing better than seeing and feeling the gains you have made.
  3. The VARIETY: It’s impossible to get bored with this workout. There are over 100 different exercises that you can do with this system. Add in good music, and I’m all in!
  4. The CONTROL: You can work at your own pace, pushing yourself as hard or as little as you like. This is an individualized workout in a team environment.
  5. The TEAM ENVIRONMENT: What I love most is the support of the teamWho doesn’t want to feel like part of a group that has fun together, encourages each other, and celebrates each other’s gains?! They are the reason I show up!

It occurred to me last week that this class is like the ideal workplace. Let’s look at the five factors again and examine how they apply to an ideal work environment.

  1. The CHALLENGE: Employees want challenging and meaningful work that utilizes their skills and abilities.
  2. The RESULTS: Managers and employees alike want to see results. Do you have goals in place that are SMART? How are you measuring progress and providing regular feedback? Managers, are you recognizing performance and celebrating accomplishments?
  3. The VARIETY: Who wants to do the same thing over and over… need I say more?!
  4. The CONTROL:  Employees want to have some autonomy over their work, a say in how they will get it done. Studies have shown that autonomy at work leads to higher engagement and productivity. Never have I heard someone say “I would like to be micromanaged!”
  5. The TEAM ENVIRONMENT: Employees want a safe, supportive, and fun team environment. They want to work with people who are likeable, encouraging, and collaborative. I’ve completed thousands of interviews over the last several years and the one question that everyone asks is “Tell me about the workplace culture?” How would you describe yours?

Next Steps

If one of your 2017 Work Resolutions was to increase employee engagement and make your business a great place to work, then begin by thinking about these five factors.

If one of your 2017 Resolutions was to workout, then I recommend trying a TRX Class!

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