Posting Requirements of Ontario Workplaces

To ensure that workers are aware of their rights, employers in Ontario are required by law to post certain documents in the workplace.  These documents need to be posted in a place where workers will be most likely to see it.  Many employers post these documents on a bulletin board in a common employee area such as a lunch room.

What documents need to be posted?

  1. The Minster of Labour’s poster titled “Employment Standards in Ontario

Employers covered by the Employment Standards Act, 2000 (ESA), are required to display the most recent version of this poster in at least one conspicuous workplace location.  A copy of the poster must also be provided to each employee.

  1. The “Health & Safety at Work: Prevention Starts Here” Poster

Under the Occupational Health & Safety Act (OHSA), all provincially regulated workplaces must display this poster.  It outlines the rights and responsibilities of workers, supervisors, and employers on the job.

  1. The Occupational Health and Safety Act

Also under the Occupational Health & Safety Act (OHSA), employers are required to post a copy of this Act in the workplace.

  1. *Your Organization’s Health & Safety Policy

The OHSA requires employers with six or more regularly employed workers to prepare and review annually a written occupational health and safety policy, and to develop and maintain a program to implement that policy.  The policy must be posted in the workplace.

  1. *Your Organization’s Workplace Violence & Harassment Policies

Employers are also required under the OHSA to prepare and review annually their policies that address workplace violence and harassment, and to implement programs that support those policies.  This is a requirement for workplaces with six or more regularly employed workers.

  1. *Joint Health & Safety Committee Members and JHSC Minutes

For workplaces that requires a Joint Health & Safety Committee, the names and work locations of all members must be posted, in addition to Joint Health & Safety Committee meeting minutes.

  1. In Case of Injury Poster (Form 82)

For workplaces covered by WSIB, a copy of this poster must be displayed. More information can be found on the Ontario Ministry of Labour website.

8.  First Aid Poster (Form 82)

For workplaces covered by WSIB Regulation 1101, a copy of this poster must be displayed in addition to First Aid Certificates of trained workers and a First Aid kit inspection card.

*Next Steps

If your organization does not currently meet the requirements of the Occupational Health & Safety Act, LINK HR offers packages which include the development and implementation of policies, programs, and training required by law for Occupational Health & Safety and Workplace Violence & Harassment. If you are busy running your business, rely on us to make certain that your workplace is a safe and compliant one!

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