Recruitment Services

Your employees are your greatest asset.

Recruiting the right people, the first time, will help your business prosper. Poor hiring decisions, on the other hand, will cost your business money, time, productivity, lost customers, and more. We will promote your organization to prospective talent by selling your employee value proposition and will effectively screen, assess, and evaluate candidates saving you time and money!

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Our full-cycle recruitment services include the development of a talent acquisition strategy that is customized
for your business.

The full-cycle process includes five phases beginning with Planning & Strategy and ending with Onboarding.  You may choose the full-cycle package or select support with individual phases or activities within the recruitment process.

PHASE ONE: Planning & Strategy
  • Create a recruitment strategy and define your Employee Value Proposition (EVP)
  • Analyze the job and write a job description
  • Research competitive compensation for the job
  • Create an attractive job posting/advertisement
PHASE TWO: Sourcing & Qualifying
  • Advertise the job using various sources
  • Source candidates through networking, social media, and outreach
  • Screen applications and select qualified applicants
  • Create effective interview questions and assessments
  • Complete first interviews virtually
  • Use assessments to further evaluate candidates
  • Recommend shortlisted candidates to client
PHASE THREE: Interviews with Hiring Manager
  • Schedule interviews with Hiring Manager and manage all candidate communication on behalf of Hiring Manager
  • Create effective interview questions and assessments
  • Participate in interviews with the Hiring Manager
PHASE FOUR: Evaluation & Selection
  • Coordinate and complete reference checks and other background checks as required
  • Support the job offer process
  • Manage communication to unsuccessful candidates
PHASE FIVE: Onboarding
  • Create a New Hire Orientation & Training Program to support your new hire to get off to the right start

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