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Managing poor performance or inappropriate conduct is the least favourite part of a Manager’s job.  Many Managers don’t know what they can or can’t do, but doing nothing can be worse. A LINK HR Advisor is available at any time to provide advice on challenging employee issues.  We will support you in managing employee issues proactively to mitigate risk and limit poor morale.

Establishing and documenting a process for performance improvement will enable Managers to effectively deal with issues as they arise.  LINK HR can work with you to establish this process and provide you with the tools required to provide immediate feedback and ensure appropriate documentation.

LINK HR can support you in managing issues such as:

  • Poor Performance
  • Inappropriate Conduct
  • Absenteeism / Tardiness
  • Insubordination

A LINK HR Advisor can also help with:

  • Complaints of workplace bullying or violence
  • Complaints of workplace harassment
  • Complaints of workplace discrimination
  • Investigations
  • Resignations and Terminations

LINK HR also provides workplace Management Training so that managers are prepared to address issues as they arise.

Employee Relations
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“As a small business owner one of the things I found so daunting was understanding everything around Human Resources.  After several decades in my industry I finally said I need help, and hired the services of LINK HR.  They sat down with me and took the time to understood my needs as a business owner.  I would recommend their services to anybody as they made the process seem so easy!” – Raj Babber, President of CLN Group