Employee Training & Leadership Development

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Employee Training & Leadership Development

Employees seek opportunities for learning and career development, which in turn is good for your business.  Training your employees will support your growth, sustain success, and retain your top talent.  Develop your Employees & Managers with training and coaching that will help to create a workplace that is productive, collaborative, respectful, and safe.

LINK HR offers the following workshops at your site and each workshop is customized for your workplace.  For information on Emotional Intelligence Training & Coaching visit our Emotional Intelligence Training & Coaching page.

Introduction to Management (2 days)

Many new managers have been promoted due to their technical skills and expertise, and often do not receive the training and development required to assume a management role.  This workshop is especially valuable for new managers and those aspiring to move into a management position in the near future.

Using interactive activities which draw upon real-life scenarios, participants will have the opportunity to learn about time-management strategies, how to engage their team, how to deliver feedback, and how coach their staff to their full performance potential.  Participants will the opportunity to practice through role-plays and will have tools to take-away for continued learning and reference.

Topics covered in this workshop include:

  1. The Key Functions of Management
  2. Self-Management First
  3. Time Management & Delegation
  4. Leading & Engaging a Team
  5. Performance Managing and Coaching
Management Training in Toronto, Markham, Richmond Hill, Vaughan, Thornhill, Mississauga, Scarborough

Behavioural Interviewing (1 day)

This workshop would be of interest to those involved in the hiring and selection of staff.  Behavioural interviewing is based on the premise that past behaviour dictates future performance.  Many small and medium-sized businesses without an HR Department rely on management to make the right hiring decisions.  With training in Behavioural Interviewing, hiring managers can make more objective employment decisions that result in the right hire!

Topics covered in this workshop include:

  1. The Recruitment Process
  2. Job Descriptions and Competencies
  3. Preparing Behavioural-based Questions
  4. How to Conduct a Behavioural-based Interview
  5. How to Probe for more Information
  6. Assessment and Evaluation of Candidates
Job Interview

Compliance Workshops for All Employees

LINK HR offers workshops to satisfy the training requirements of Ontario Employment Legislation.  Our HR Trainers will incorporate your policies and programs into the training workshops.

Some of our most popular workshops include:

  1. Accessible Customer Service (Half-day)
  2. The Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation (Half-day)
  3. Workplace Harassment, Sexual Harassment, and Violence (Full-day)
  4. Health & Safety (Half-day or Full-day)
  5. Respectful Workplace Training (Half-day or Full-day)

For more information on policies, please visit our Employee Handbook and HR Policy page.

Employee Training
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“Adriana was a wonderful workshop facilitator.  She was a great presenter and engaging.  She tailored our workshop to our Company’s needs.  Would definitely hire her again!” – Diana L., Supervisor

“Introduction to Management is an excellent workshop that will develop your management and personal skills.  Adriana was very knowledgeable, gave great examples, facilitated good discussions, and was very engaging.  She used a nice mix of group discussions and handouts.” – Domenica D, Director

“Adriana was an excellent facilitator – presented very confidently, clearly, and obviously very knowledgeable and passionate!” – Gina G., Vice-President & Managing Director

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