Why Outsource the HR Function

Owners of small and medium-sized organizations are busy growing their enterprise.  At a certain point in their growth however, they often become side-tracked with Human Resources challenges.  They understand the value of having an HR expert but don’t have the need or budget for a full-time HR Manager.

That’s where LINK HR comes in.

Our HR Consultants partner with you to become an extension of your organization.  We value our relationship with you and take the time to understand your business so we can customize our services for your organization.  We are available to you when you need HR expertise, or for specific projects, at a fraction of the cost of a full-time HR resource.  We develop policies, tools, programs, and systems for your organization, unlike a third-party service that works with only one system for clients.

Not having an HR Expert usually requires that Managers/Supervisors take on much of the HR-related tasks without the expertise.  And a lack of Human Resources expertise can result in:

  • A risk of not being compliant with employment legislation causing violations and fines
  • Employee morale/engagement issues leading to unhappy customers
  • Employee relations issues left unattended, or not responded to timely and appropriately (such as complaints of harassment or bullying)
  • Safety incidents and accidents due to the lack of a preventative Health & Safety Program
  • Lack of clear communication with employees on compensation, vacation, sick time, and other employment practices
  • Poor hiring decisions and unnecessary turnover
  • Performance not managed properly costing you time, money, and perhaps customers
  • And many more people issues which will affect your bottom line!

The LINK HR team has Human Resources Consultants with HR Management experience but also with expertise in Recruitment, Employee Relations, Accessibility, Compensation, and Health & Safety.  LINK HR Consultants also support HR Administrators, Coordinators, and Generalists within mid-size organizations, as an external HR Manager that provides guidance and coaching.

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